How Does PERFECT 10 work?

Perfect 10 is a systematical way to teach and track athlete progression, goal setting and personal achievements! When an athlete first begins the program he/she will receive a progress sheet. While under each particular Level, there are a set of skills that the athlete is working towards accomplishing. Once all skills have been accomplished and they pass the Level, the athlete will then move up to the next Level begin working on a new set of higher level skills as well as maintaining the skills from the previous level.
The Levels are broken down into 6 Levels. Level 1 – Level 5 Follow the USASF All Star Level Requirements for Tumbling. The 6th Level is our Master’s Level… This is when all levels have been completed and the athlete is accomplishing skills above and beyond your average tumbler!

Why is Progression Important?

Progression is the most import component of any training system. Without it the entire training program can fall apart leading to injuries, mental blocks, discouraging results, frustration, boredom with the activity, many hours spent training without personal gains and long term physical damage to the body and overall mind set. A proper plan of progression not only increases the amount of learning at any given time but it helps build the confidence needed to achieve any goal set by the coach and the athlete. That being said… progression must also be a constant growth as well.

Stress = Growth

Our bodies and minds have the amazing ability to adapt to the stresses imposed on them. This is how muscle is grown and how intellect is developed. Through the progressions of our system, the athlete will gain muscle strength, flexibility, body awareness and control as well as the mental strength to overcome obstacles and achieve goals through hard work and determination. With every progression a small bit of confidence is instilled in the athlete for life. As you will see in our 360 Circle of Success, momentum is built on each gain as the athlete progresses. This momentum is the act of taking your potential, taking action towards a goal, seeing results and then believing that your end goal is a possibility. A snowball effect occurs as the athlete builds on each success.


Athletes will learn the importance of working through each failed attempt with a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) as each attempt successful or not is one step closer to achieving his/her goal.

How can I help my Child be more Successful?

Most importantly your job in the training of your child is to support them when they are struggling or feeling discouraged. This can be done through encouragement and please be sure to celebrate their successes as big or small as those successes may be. Tumbling is not an easy task by any means. It takes dedication and hard work to achieve what some make look so easy. There is no instant gratification like most of our kids are used to in these days with everything they want just a click away on their smart phones, tablets or computers. Keep in mind… the more they struggle to get a skill the higher the sense of gratification will be when they finally achieve that skill! It is best to reassure the athlete that they can do it and to not give up without redirecting their pain away from themselves. (ie. Blaming the coach, the mat, the gym, another kid or even themselves as far as not giving 100%) The athlete must feel the pain of failure to strengthen their ability to overcome not only tumbling skills but all obstacles in life.

Good Luck as you embark on your journey, work hard, keep a positive mind set and let us help you Score a perfect 10!





To help athletes achieve their tumbling goals by instilling in them a sense of confidence and self-achievement, through a special blend of positive reinforcement, technique and drills. We believes that technique bridges the gap between confidence and skill. Without proper technique, athletes are more prone to injuries and mental blocks, and without proper instruction, they are less likely to progress skillfully and confidently. 

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